About Us


Your Trusted Engineering Team

Integration Engineering was founded on a simple concept: to provide the client with engineering solutions that work. You can always count on us for results that meet your project needs and align with your expectations.

The Right Team

To ensure we stay as the best choice for engineering services, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes in developing effective solutions.

Building Strong Relationships

We strive to build relationships with our clients based on truth integrity and execution. By listening to our client's needs and understanding the goals of the project, we attempt to reduce mistakes and wasted effort. Together, we try to align our goals and objectives to maximize your time, energy, and profits.


Aligning Project Objectives

To ensure your objectives are being met, we proactively monitor and manage the project objectives and expectations. By doing this, we endeavor to execute projects and develop relationships based on ownership, integrity, and project success.

The Team Behind Our Company

With sufficient man power, adequate work load distribution, and quick response time, IE is dedicated to providing an extraordinary level of service to each client in order to exceed their expectations.

Connect With Us

Get in touch with our team today for questions or inquiries. We would be happy to help you address all of your concerns.